Salina Diaz

Salina Diaz

Salina Diaz, RN

Saint Agnes Medical Center
Fresno, California
United States

Salina was awarded for being an excellent role model to future nurses. A nursing student nominated her for providing upstanding clinical training.

“Salina is by far the best nurse I have ever worked with,” the student wrote in her nomination letter. “She is someone that I truly aspire to be like. She is very detail-oriented, and does an impeccable job at prioritizing and completing tasks on time. One of the things that thoroughly impressed me was how she spoke with her patients. I have only seen one other nurse actually kneel or sit to talk with patients. Salina is the second nurse I have seen do this, and you could tell she genuinely cares for her patients. It made the patients and families feel more comfortable,” the student said.

“Throughout her shift she constantly quizzed me on the patients, their diseases, their medications, and levels of priority. I really appreciated this, and it made me think more critically. She also took me to each station on her down time and quizzed me on all the different monitors that were displaying heart rhythms. I was nervous at first, but by the end of the end she made me feel far more confident and competent. It was by far the best clinical experience I have ever had.”