Ryen Butler

Ryen Butler, RN

Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center
Fredericksburg, Virginia
United States
Many times Ryen would hug me, she always has an encouraging word! She genuinely treated us like family. She was way more than just a nurse.

While I thought all the nurses in the ICU were absolutely wonderful, there were a few who stood out as even greater than wonderful, if you can imagine that. Ryen Butler was one of those. Not only does she look like a Disney princess, but she also nurses with the kindness of one as well. Her sweet, gentle, kind, loving, hopeful spirit helped pull me through the hell of seeing my normally healthy 55-year-old husband in a medically induced coma with severe pneumonia and ARDS. She helped me make good decisions for my husband and cared for him with such gentleness. Well, she doesn't just have Disney princess looks and kindness, she also has their great strength to battle the "wicked step-mother" of sickness. Her strength made me strong. It's so funny. It's hard to imagine someone as sweet as Ryen being as strong as Ryen. Besides her obvious beauty, her strength and ease are what made me think of a princess. Her badge that reads "Not Today, Satan!" became a mantra for me when I felt afraid. I can't thank her enough for that button. When I would be melting down with fear of losing my sweet husband, my mind would see that button, and I would repeat, "Not TODAY, Satan! Not ANYDAY, but NOT today!" Her confidence helped me be confident. I relied completely on her abilities (while obviously praying my heart out to our merciful God!) God had not left us; he sent us a Disney princess to care for us. And I mean "us"!! When the doctor informed me that D's body was not fighting off the pneumonia, and that they had to start being more aggressive in his care, which they would do by flipping him over and possibly having to paralyze him, it was Ryen's calming, in control, loving spirit that comforted us. After discussing the situation with Ryen, for as much as my brain could understand what was happening, I followed her advice and had D paralyzed before he was flipped onto his stomach. I'm so thankful to her for that. At the time, I was blindly trusting her. Now, in retrospect, I am so thankful for her wisdom. (I think I hear birds singing around her! If she is not a Disney princess, then she is an angel!)

One day I made a comment to Ryen that I wish the beds were bigger so that I could lie next to my husband. Instead of making me feel dumb for saying that, she quickly and sweetly (isn't everything she does done sweetly?!) told me that she could make that happen. She told me that once the doctor was finished seeing D on rounds, that she would make that happen. She told me that she thought that would be really good for both of us. How loving! I ended up telling Ryen that I didn't want to lie next to D because I knew that if I were to lie next to him, I would do nothing but bawl my brains out. She sweetly told me that crying can be therapeutic. I didn't need another situation to make me cry, so I never got in bed with him in the hospital. Although anyone will tell you that I am a very strong, tough person, I was not while my husband was in the hospital. Many times Ryen would hug me, she always has an encouraging word! She genuinely treated us like family. She was way more than just a nurse. She was a Disney Princess sent to us by God almighty to carry me through the nightmare I was living.

She always made us feel that she wasn't just doing her job; she genuinely cared about me and my sweet husband as people. If I were rich, I would give her a world tour. I am not rich, so I will nominate her for The DAISY Award and will pray for her until the day I die! By the way, she does not sing like a Disney princess, but that's ok!