Ryan Carroll

Ryan Carroll

Ryan Carroll, RN

Billings Clinic
Billings, Montana
United States
Ryan came into the room and immediately I felt calm.

I came in on an ambulance with my 6-year-old son who had an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts. Earlier that day he asked his 6-year-old girlfriend for some muddy buddy (puppy chow) he was smitten with her and asked for a bite, even though it had peanuts. He tells his mom she's very cute.

His 6-year-old friend, a boy, noticed on the playground 20 min later that his face was funny looking, and he asked if he was feeling okay and he told the friend he was fine. The friend did not believe him and went and got the school nurse. Even after the epi-pen, they still had to call 911. The friend's mom taught him the signs of anaphylactic shock, as the boys often play together.

I was stressed and my son needed care. Ryan came into the room and immediately I felt calm. He explained everything he was doing and took extra time to make sure that my son was comfortable. There was a time that I questioned the Doctor, and Ryan spent time researching the recommendation and went above and beyond to do what he knew was the correct protocol for my son. He made sure that I was comfortable the entire time with the drugs being administered and explained to me what each one did and why. He had a student with him, and spent time teaching her along the way. I did not feel like he was in a hurry, even though the entire ER was full, and we were not his only patient. I am confident that he was one of our angels that day.

My son left the ER happy, healthy and laughing. I know it was the meticulous individualized care that Ryan gave us. I'll always be grateful that he was the nurse we were lucky enough to have that day.


Note: This is Ryan's 2nd DAISY Award!