Ryan Britenriker

Ryan Britenriker, RN

Med Surg Float Pool
West Chester Hospital
West Chester, Ohio
United States
Ryan was very compassionate and patient with my mother's emotional needs as well as her physical needs.

Frequently the nursing profession is referred to as having two components – it is both art and science. With proper education and training, science can be learned. However, the art of nursing cannot be so easily taught. The art is the innate capacity of a nurse to respond to the needs of the individual. I feel it is the perfect blend of both the art and science that makes a phenomenal nurse.

This perfect blend of the art and science of nursing was noted with these two nurses during my mother's stay. My mother was admitted with severe pain from cervical spinal cord compression that was causing signs of paralysis. She was recommended to have emergent surgery for a fusion of C2-T2. She was very scared, anxious and very emotional. This is when the "dynamic duo" entered the picture. We had spent the evening in the ED prior to her admission. I returned home late and intended to return early to meet with the surgeon on call.

Unfortunately, I missed him by five minutes. When I entered the room, my mother was crying due to her pain and the news of what laid ahead for her. I was touched to hear that in my absence, Ryan had pulled up a chair and sat right next to my mother as she was hearing her distressful news. He held her hand during the entire conversation and that brought her great comfort and brought great comfort to me to know she was not alone during the conversation. Ryan was very compassionate and patient with my mother's emotional needs as well as her physical needs.

I am the Magnet Program Director at a local hospital, and I promote professional excellence with our nurses. What I witnessed in his care was nothing short of excellent! I was very surprised to hear that it was his last day of orientation. To have such a good grasp on the "art" of nursing as a new grad is very remarkable.

Enid was his preceptor and after meeting her I realized where Ryan learned his skills. After I heard what surgery needed to be performed, I wanted Mayfield to be consulted and I had a neurosurgeon in mind. Enid worked so hard advocating for my wishes and making sure all proper orders were in place.

With my mother's permission, Enid shared all pertinent information with me nurse-to-nurse. She took time with me sharing imaging reports and making sure I was informed since I had missed the consulting physician's rounding on my mother. This was very important to me. Mayfield was consulted and it was ultimately decided she would be transferred. Ryan and Enid's care never faltered as they prepared her for transfer.

Ryan and Enid were both very compassionate to my mother's emotional needs and very attentive to her pain-needs. As a field grounded in compassion and direct care, the "art" of nursing at times can be more important than science. I want to thank both Ryan and Enid for the great care and for letting me witness the "art" of nursing firsthand. UC West Chester is blessed to have them both!