Ruth Ferrell

Ruth Ferrell, RN

400 East, CHI Memorial Glenwood
CHI Memorial Glenwood
Chattanooga, Tennessee
United States

My mom is a patient at Memorial, recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Let me begin by saying everyone we have encountered so far have all been very caring and compassionate. Everyone has anticipated her needs as well as our family's needs.

Her third day in the hospital, half way through dayshift, Ruth picked up my mom as her patient. At this point mom had been over 13 days without a bowel movement and was in severe pain. They had tried everything in the book except the "jug" of Go Lightly. She was not looking forward to drinking a jug of that stuff.

Ruth spoke to the doctor a few times to try to get an order to let her try a natural enema first, consisting of milk and molasses. She got her order at approximately 6 pm, 30 minutes before she would be off the clock and headed home to her family. Instead of passing on the order and letting next shift deal with the enema and possible outcomes, she went to the cafeteria. She had to find someone to open the kitchen and get her what she needed. She returned to my mom's room and administered the enema with great success. To hear my dad tell the story, it was a great poop party! Everyone was happy and laughing; and needless to say, mom felt better.

Ruth was a shining example of a nurse being an advocate for her patient, and she took time out of her life away from work to follow through with what she started. She showed great compassion to my mom and dad and will not be forgotten. Thank you Ruth!