Rozen Hazel Balbin
January 2017
Rozen Hazel
Orthopedic Clinic
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia




Rozen Hazel Balbin has been working in Orthopedic Clinic for almost 5 years now. For these years I’ve been working with her she has demonstrated only quality patient care.

Ever since she came, she has contributed unique ideas for the improvement of our clinic. She was our Quality Representative for two years. She came up with the idea on how our Physicians will comply with the Hand Hygiene. Because of her, we audit our Physicians before and after they see their patients and at the end of the month we award the most Compliant Physician. With this, our Physicians became more aware and this benefited mostly our patients.

She actively led and has contributed a big part of our 3-year PI Project (Performance Improvement) Streamlining of Patients Flow. Recently, it was selected as one of the Top 3 Best PI Project of 2016. She had dedicated her time and effort starting from the audit until it was applied in our Clinic.

She is one of the clinic’s preceptors and resource person. She is the first line staff who meets and great our patients, listen to their concern and act accordingly. She helps every single patient who comes through our clinic and looking for help.

Last 2015, she was selected as one of the few to attend the AMSN (Academy of Medical-Surgical Nursing) Conference held in Las Vegas.

At the moment, she accepted the challenge of being our permanent Charge Nurse starting this 2017. She encountered obstacles in the beginning but managed through it with her problem-solving skills. Her decision-making skills make her the most qualified nurse for this position. She represents the Orthopedic Clinic very well as she is the first person to help you. She has been chosen every single month whether an employee of the month, most enthusiastic, most flexible and best in communication. This only proves that her colleagues find her reliable and trustworthy.

It is proven that she is knowledgeable clinically and practically. A very smart nurse who is assertive and dependable and someone who deserves this recognition.