Roxanne Cienki
August 2020
AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center, La Grange
United States




From the first moment I was moved, Roxi was very warm and welcoming and immediately started administering to my needs. After having been in another unit for 3 days and nights, I was desperate for a "decent" cup of coffee (i.e., not the stuff that comes with the meals). Roxi made me a cup of coffee and it was delicious. This was just the start. After breakfast, she got me up and into the chair and then shampooed and combed my hair which hadn't been combed or brushed for 4 days!! I was a mess. She spent 15 minutes or so and it felt (and made me feel) so much better. I hadn't felt this good since my angioplasty! She is a breath of fresh air (the air which DAISIES do best).