Rose Autry

Rose Autry, RN BSN

Athens Regional Medical Center
Athens, Georgia
United States

Excerpts from nominations: (Rose has had 8 nominations!)

• Rose is my choice for the Daisy Award because of the individual that she is. She is a caring, compassionate nurse with an abundance of knowledge that she willingly shares with the entire staff, patients, and family members. She is a consummate team player. She is the educator for Orthopedics and carries out those duties in such a manner that each co-worker is eager to learn new skills. Rose should receive this award because she exemplifies what true nursing is all about.

• Rose has made it fun and easy to understand all the current changes the hospital has gone through. Rose is a very patient, caring, compassionate nurse. She listens with true interest in what you are saying and she willingly and knowledgably answers your questions. She is a true Daisy in my eyes.

• Rose is a conscientious caregiver who always puts the patient’s needs and care first. One night while she was in charge, a patient who suffers from dementia and confusion kept climbing out of bed and when approached would become violent. Rose provided comfort measures that calmed the patient and sat with the patient until her daughter was able to come. Her clinical skills are exceptional and she is a devoted mentor and preceptor for new nurses as well as her peers.