Rosana Camarce

Rosana Camarce, RN

Med Surg
Kaiser Permanente Vallejo Medical Center
Vallejo, California
United States

Sometimes, usually when we least expect it and need it the most, we meet an individual who has a profound and positive impact on our lives; a person who truly makes the world a better place. Rosana Camarce is one of those very special people. As we read the nomination form for recipients of the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses we thought of Rosana. Here are some comments from her coworkers:

She is a good relief nurse. She is pleasant and has good communication skills. She has a good attitude toward patients and co-workers. She offers to help her coworkers. I’m very pleased to work with her.

She is a good, caring RN. She is pleasant, has good communication skills and is professional. She displays good attitude towards her work, peers, and patients. She offers to help her coworkers and does not hesitate to help even if she is busy.

She has been commended by her patients and her peers. I personally commend her for being so positive all the time even though she is overwhelmed. Her peers say she is a strong team player and is always there for everyone. Patients say she is always caring, cheerful, and respectful.