Rosa Filomeno

Rosa Filomeno, RN, MSN, CMSRN

Homestead Hospital
Homestead, Florida
United States

Rosa Filomeno is one of the most caring nurses I have had the privilege to work with who even though is educated at a Masters level continues to work on the regular floor where she is an undisputable resource to her collegues specially the young ones. Healing wounds is her first love and she continues to be an advocate for wound prevention not just on our unit but as part of the Wounds Prevention Committee as well.

As great as Rosa is on hospital grounds, it is in the community where she excels the most. Every year she single handily arranges a toy drive around Christmas time to be distributed among the homeless children of our poor community. Rosa is a member of the Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses under our loca chapter 222 known as the Hospitality Chapter. As a member of this organization, Rosa donates time by participating in health fairs and food drives.

Currently Rosa is also part of a very special project known as the Manna Research Project. This venture is happening right here in our backyard and is taking a look at the needs of our Hispanic Community. The research study takes place at the Manna Center at Branches of United Methodist Church out of Florida City. At the moment, Rosa is part of a team that helps collect data that one day in the future will be indispensable in creating a culturally sensitive model to approach the needs of our community more effectively. A few months back the Manna Center was completely devastated by a fire. Little by little the church is bouncing back, but even this incident did not bend the determination of the study and as well as other members of the study are determined to see this very important project through.

Rosa is the kind of nurse that is always on the job. Whether on hospital grounds or not, Rosa is always reaching out for the needs of others. Rosa deserves hundred of merit batches but will admit to none. To Rosa what we do is the duty of all and will take no credit for any of it. Rosa is an inspiration for many of us and for this reason Rosa Filomeno deserves the DAISY Award.