Roopjit Bahia

Roopjit Bahia, RN

Doctors Medical Center Modesto
Modesto, California
United States

Note to Roopjit, from her patient: "I thank you for your superb professionalism providing care during my health crisis. I understand that American Science and Technology produce the surgical and pharmaceutical interventions that can extend our useful lives. But, just as importantly to me, it is the bedside manner, clear delivery of information, and sensitivity to emotional needs on your part that have made my hospital experience not just bearable, but almost enjoyable.

Now I go home to await the train of bills which are going to be overwhelming, but what will be my lasting memory is your youthful idealism and dedication, caring for total strangers like myself. With the hundreds of patients you are duty bound to care for, I fully expect you to forget about me. Please know, however, that I will never forget how you care. Best of luck as you proceed in your career."