Rodney Armstead

Rodney Armstead

Rodney Armstead, BSN, RN

Cardiovascular Med/Surgery
Barnes-Jewish Hospital
St. Louis, Missouri
United States


The family of E would like to recognize the outstanding comfort care measures that you put forth for our loved one during his final days. We can't thank you enough for the compassion, concern, and attention you demonstrated towards not only the patient but our whole family. I know there were a lot of us in his room, and probably in the way of doing your job most of the time. You never complained one bit and took the extra time to make him, and us, as comfortable as possible. We could not have asked for a more skilled, professional, dedicated, and caring nurse. We wanted to let you know we appreciate the little things that helped.

As you quickly found out, he was quite a character. I'm glad you had the disposition to joke around with him and let him carry on his last few days. As hard as it was on us, we realize it can't be easy on you either. Thank you for having the strength and courage to face that with us and give him the dignity that you did. Our family will never be able to return such kindness so please accept our gratitude and well-wishes for you as you continue on your journey of this crazy thing we call life! He always said, "Life goes on, enjoy it while you can."


When you sang "your rendition" of Ventura Highway by America, it melted my heart. I have now listened to that song many times. It has touched my soul. I recognized the song after I heard music to it. Thank you for that as well. I'm glad you chose the medical field for a career and did not follow in your family's law enforcement footsteps. You make an excellent nurse!

Thanks again.