Robyn Czura

Robyn Czura

Robyn Czura, BSN, RN

Emergency Department, Lehigh Valley Children's Hospital
Lehigh Valley Hospital
Allentown, Pennsylvania
United States
She remained by our side to nurse my son through his illness.

It was Saturday morning; my first day off from the work week and my 18-month old son started vomiting with diarrhea and a temperature of 102.0. He has an underlying congenital disorder that prevents his body from making cortisol in times of stress, which is extremely important. I administered an IM injection of steroids at home and we were headed right to the Emergency Room per his endocrinologist's orders. When we got to Lehigh Valley's Pediatric Emergency Room we were quickly triaged back to our room and met by Robyn, who would be taking care of my son for the next 6 hours.

Robyn is truly compassionate, calming, and kept me updated as far as test results and the plan of care. She reminded me of Florence Nightingale: a light in the darkness; a guardian and protector for my son and me. She remained by our side to nurse my son through his illness and we were able to go home later that evening.

Robyn immediately recognized that I was also a nurse. Through her comprehensive care of my son, she allowed me to be a 'mom.’ I had every confidence in Robyn as our nurse. She recognized the need for a refill on a medication that we would need at home. The outpatient pharmacy was due to close at 3pm and it was going on 2:30pm. She immediately went to the doctor and got a prescription. She personally took it down to the outpatient pharmacy and had them call her phone as soon as it was filled to ensure I had the proper medication at home for my son.