Robyn Bonifacio

Robyn Bonifacio

Robyn Bonifacio, RN

ProMedica Monroe Regional Hospital
Monroe, Michigan
United States

The hospice team has been caring for a young man. This case has been very challenging from the beginning of his care to his last days of life.

The patient’s parents have had a difficult time accepting his decline and terminality and have always maintained hopefulness for a miracle cure. The patient’s hospice case manager, Robyn Bonifacio, RN went above and beyond his last day of life. On that Friday, hospice received a call around 4 pm from the family stating they thought the patient has passed away. The social worker spoke with the family during this crisis, it was determined the family had not called 911 and were in disagreement on what to do. Robyn was informed of the crisis and arrived at the home shortly after. By the time Robyn arrived the family had called 911 and the medics were present upon her arrival. The patient was in asystole, resuscitated and intubated and ready for transfer to the ED. The parents had decided they would not accompany their son to the ED for several reasons, fear of the unknown, lack of caregivers for their other 3 children and lack of transportation. We felt the parents needed to be at their oldest son’s bedside to make decisions and direct the ED of their wishes. Other hospice staff offered to sit with the children and provide support until other family members could arrive. Once a plan was in place the parents felt comfortable with Robyn (Hospice RN Case Manager) she drove the parents to the ED and supported them through the next couple of hours of difficult decisions. The patient was extubated and passed away peacefully. Robyn remained by their side throughout the entire time even after other family members arrived and the ED took over the case.

I would like to recognize Robyn for going above and beyond in providing support to the patient and his entire family during one of the worst times any parent or family could imagine enduring.