Robyn Betts

Robyn Betts, RN

Critical Care
Camden Clark Medical Center
Parkersburg, West Virginia
United States

Robyn Betts DAISY nomination

1. Nomination from a visitor: She explained to my Mom every change that occurred with my Dad in a manner Mom could understand. She was so caring and compassionate. My Mom was upset with herself because she had to yell at my Dad to get him here safely and now felt she should not have yelled and she should have brought him in earlier (Mom had Dad at Dr’s and ED various times before this admission and Dad tried to pull steering wheel and get out of moving vehicle on way to ER). Twice she spent time with Mom reassuring her, she did all the right things. She advocated for Dad by making numerous phone calls to neurosurgeon. She listens well and is so pleasant we felt very comfortable with her from the beginning. I myself am an RN – She spent time with me on different occasions discussing the plan, the current status, and changes as they occurred. I just can’t begin to say enough positive things about her. It is hard to sit back and do nothing when you are normally the person doing the care for the patient. I did not feel this way when she was working because I felt extremely confident in her as a nurse and as a person. She also went out of her way when she saw the Dr. off the floor to inquire about prognosis and then reassure us that he was confident in prognosis as he had previously described it. She also let us know she felt very confident in the physicians caring for Dad – not that she would have said otherwise but from RN to RN that is worth its weight in gold! She has been very professional, approachable, and kind. She is a great representative of the kind of care that Camden Clark Memorial Hospital provides.

2. Nomination from a visitor: She has consistently met all of the above criteria during the time that she has been caring for my Dad. This has been such a horrible experience to go through but she has been very helpful and has taken the time to explain things well and never seems to rushed to answer any of our questions or help us with anything we need during this time.