Robin Medrano

Robin Medrano

Robin Medrano, RN, BSN, CWCN

Ostomy, Wound Patient Care Services
Upper Valley Medical Center

I would like to nominate Robin Medrano for the DAISY Award. Although Robin possesses all the nomination criteria there are some in which she excels. These nomination criteria will be further evident in the accompanying nomination and include: Compassion, skills, above & beyond, make a difference, persistence, attention to detail, exceptional nursing. I have known very few nurses who will advocate for a patient, care to their needs beyond the immediate health care need and assure that a patient is well set to care for themselves (and/or their family is well taught). Robin knows many resources and uses these to provide the most complete care possible, closing the loop of information between caregivers, referral agencies, physicians, and receiving caregivers. She willingly stays over her scheduled time, or comes in on weekends if needed to provide the wound care that is needed. She is respected by nursing staff, physicians and other PHP colleagues for her knowledge, skills and approach to patient care.

One situation I will relate has to do with an often times homeless individual who had ‘burnt through’ the local resources for care. He was a frequent flyer in our ED and Robin agreed to start seeing him as an outpatient to care for his leg wounds. He was a challenging patient in that he sometimes did not keep appointments, he wanted seen when he showed up, and he was verbally inappropriate (all of which had led to him not having other health care options). Robin knew he had few options but many, many needs. She worked with him, set limits, called in resources as needed and continued to meet not only his wound care needs but assisted in things such as meals on wheels, nutritional supplements, access to supplies, community referral/resources, etc. Working with a non-profit group she obtained a wheelchair for him at no charge.

After many months his health deteriorated to a point that he needed long term care as he was unable to take care of himself. For him to give up his perceived independence was very difficult. Robin encouraged and supported him through this. Robin made sure the nursing home staff knew how to care for his wounds and helped support him in this transition. Robin went to visit him about a month after his move to the nursing home. His room was stark. Other residents had pictures, mementos, furniture, TVs that family had brought them but this gentleman had nothing. He had on a hospital gown because he came with only the clothes he had in the hospital. The one thing he wanted was a ball cap of a favorite baseball team. Robin went to work. She purchased some clothes at Goodwill, a co-worker gave her a TV from her mother’s estate, and another gave her a radio that had belonged to her grandmother who had recently passed away. And she found the ball cap.

Robin cares so much for her patients. She invests her gifts and talents to meet their needs and more. Robin goes beyond what is expected in the care of the patient. It is nurses like Robin that create and leave a legacy of caring, respect and dedication.