Robin Beaton

Robin Beaton

Robin Beaton, RN

Care Management Department
Oakwood Healthcare System
Dearborn, Michigan
United States

Robin Beaton is an extraordinary nurse deserving of this special award. Robin is a discharge planner on Two West Medical at Oakwood Heritage Hospital. Often mentioned in "after discharge" phone calls, Robin establishes a special connection with many of the families and patients that she works with.

Last week a patient was not able to afford his insulin after his discharge. He came up to the nursing unit distressed. Understand, this gentleman was a newly diagnosed diabetic and was a little overwhelmed already. Robin assured the patient she would help him. I remained with the patient and within 15 minutes Robin had a voucher for his insulin to a dedicated pharmacy. She then copied the patient's insurance card and gave him direction on how to initiate services and assured him she would follow up.

Finally, Robin provided the patient detailed written instructions on how to get to the pharmacy. She explained to him that a home care would be out to his house in the morning. Robin put the patient at ease and I was grateful for her efficiency.

Robin is a very important part of the Medical West team. She coordinates our team activity to assure our patients have a safe transition to their next level of care. She is a mentor and a leader in discharge activity as well as a valued team member.