Roberta "Birdie" Stauss

Roberta "Birdie" Stauss

Roberta "Birdie" Stauss, RN

Cardiac Cath Lab
Altru Health System
Grand Forks, North Dakota
United States

Roberta (Birdie) Stauss DAISY nomination

I had an angiogram and was told there was some blockage at bottom of my heart and would treat with medication. Later the doctor called me at home, said another doctor had looked at angiograms and had questions with one of the veins, so wanted to do another angiogram.

We met Bridie at the cath lab when we came back. She assured us everything was going to be ok! Better to get it checked out since another doctor thought there was a problem. My doctor told me after the second procedure that I needed double bypass. I wanted to go somewhere else, however the doctor didn't advise it as it was too dangerous to travel.

Birdie came and talked with us about the risk of travel and reassured us we had one of the best surgeons here and that she would not think of going someplace else as we have the best right here at Altru. Birdie said wait to decide until we have met with the surgeon. We were both comfortable with the surgeon. Surgery was set for Wednesday.

I was admitted to hospital from cath lab. I had chest pain that night, heart pump by morning, and emergency surgery Tuesday - double by pass. Birdie stopped by to see us before surgery and after surgery. She visited my wife during my surgery, she has a lot of compassion for people.

We just thank God, Birdie, the surgeon and whoever reviewed the first angiogram. We feel the outcome could have been much different without those people involved.

Birdie gave us piece of mind and reassured us we were in good hands!