Robert "Rob" Amaral

Robert "Rob" Amaral

Robert "Rob" Amaral, RN

Adolescent Inpatient Unit (AIU)
Bradley Hospital
East Providence, Rhode Island
United States

Rob is ever present in the adolescent programs. He is always with the children, the nursing staff and treatment team. He is there to improve the health outcomes of the children on the AIU and to advocate for services for these children as well. He is the "go-to-nurse" for everyone - children, family members, and treatment staff. Rob always takes the time to answer a question, to intervene, to support, to smile, to be concerned and to problem solve. He is always checking in with the other units to lend a hand. Rob is probably one of the most sought after preceptors by nursing staff and nursing students. He makes everyone feel important and valued. He possesses two of the most important attributes necessary to be an extraordinary nurse - the ability to engage with others genuinely and humility.


Rob is a well rounded, seasoned RN who goes above and beyond his assignment to ensure safety and consistency on the AIU. Rob makes himself available in the milieu to check in proactively with patients to discuss safety plans for the shift. He is keenly aware of potentially acute situations and works with the other RNs and Milieu Associates to engage and support patients and families to help alleviate anxiety. Rob has volunteered not only to precept the new RNs hired into the AIU program but he has also taken the lead with the Passport to Practice program and orienting those RNs. He is respectful and approachable in his interactions with staff, patients, and families and he role models what it means to be a true psychiatric RN here at Bradley Hospital.