Robert "Laddie" Belmonte

Robert "Laddie" Belmonte

Robert "Laddie" Belmonte, RN

Emergency Dept.
Doctors Medical Center - San Pablo
San Pablo, California
United States

Laddie has worked @ DMC for 12 years. He started out as an LVN in ED and graduated as an RN in 2008. After graduation he gladly accepted a position in the ED. Laddie was nominated for the DAISY AWARD and these are some of the things that were said about him, and what he demonstrates.

He makes a difference in people's lives by making sure they get through their crisis and that they understand everything so they are not afraid. Laddie enjoys making people smile and laugh and in the ED setting this helps tremendously. He strives for the patients to have a great experiences and outcomes.

Laddie demonstrates leadership. Part of Laddie's leadership is his willingness to do whatever it takes help the team. He will come to work even if it's just for an hour,so that his team has the support that they need. Laddie takes the lead, serves as a resource to the team, and works as relief charge nurse.

Laddie is selfless in his service of patients. Laddie is professional, compassionate, and most of all collaborative. He builds trust among patients, their families, co-workers, physicians, and other customers. His goal is to do whatever it takes to serve the patient. Laddie takes pride in his work. He is a true team player!

During the Richmond Chevron fire Laddie came in all hours for extra shifts, partial shifts and whatever it took to help the community and his team care for the patients.

Laddie is an exemplary nurse!