Robert "Bob" Baker

Robert "Bob" Baker, RN

VA Boise Veterans Administration Medical Center
Boise, Idaho
United States

From Wendy
I have been given this opportunity by my family and we are all in agreement to nominate a nurse at the Boise Veterans Hospital, Bob Baker from the Gold team.
I am the oldest of seven children of “Glen”, who was a patient of the Veterans Hospital in Boise Idaho. All of my siblings live out of stated, closest is in Washington. Up until last August our father was able to drive himself to his appointments so I never got to meet his care providers. In august, Papa (dad’s nickname) became ill. He no longer could drive, thusly my husband and I would take him to his appointments. Sometimes scheduling would become a problem. This is when we met Bob….
The Veterans Hospital is a very busy place, folks everywhere, some very ill, some not so, but each time I needed to relay a message to my father’s Doctor or just ask a question about a new medicine…”Bob” was there for us. My work day starts at 6:15am and because of my patient load it is sometimes hard to speak with me during the day. But no with “Bob”. He would call me before 7:00am most times with an answer and always kindness was in his voice.
It became obvious to all that Papa was living his last days early this year. Bob once again guided me to a case manager for in home care. His words of assurance and the gentleness in his voice softened what was to come. He assured us that we were caring for “Glen” in a positive and comforting way. He always told me to call if you need any help, anytime and I will help you….I last spoke to Bob on a Wednesday, Glen went home to live with God on Saturday.
During my father’s care this man named “Bob” touched all of our hearts. This nurse “Bob” did treat my father like just another person in the waiting room, or just another veteran with a health issue. We feel that he treats all of his patients with care, honest and kindness. Though none of us have personally met Bob, we hope someday we can shake his hand.
We firmly believe his service to his patients is deserving of the DAISY award. Thank you for this opportunity, from the family of Glen.