Rita Epperson

Rita Epperson, RN, CRRN, Brain Injury Sp

Rehab / Acute Brain Injury
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
United States

Rita consistently does the "little things" that help brain injured
adults feel at ease and care for. On a day when several patients were
restless, she led a sing-a-long of familiar TV theme songs. A
particularly anxious patient was given the human touch of a manicure.
She made grits every meal for a patient with a wired jaw "just the way
you like them". Rita's communication with the patients reflect empathy.
She can be heard saying, "Of course you have a headache-you're
recovering from surgery. Let's see what we can do to make you more

When patients are admitted, she takes the time to sit with them, explain
the program, and reassure them and their families about the care in the
rehab program. Rita deserves to be recognized for her compassion and
nursing skills.

Karen LaChapelle