Rita Allen

Rita Allen

Rita Allen, RN

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center
Cheyenne, Wyoming
United States

After a full sixty-five years of generally excellent health, I found myself rushed to the emergency room of the Cheyenne Regional Center where a cadre of medical personnel attended to me with emphasis on my heart condition of which I was acutely unaware.

Not realizing I was sick, was without pain and very few symptoms apart from shortness of breath and fatigue, I spent four days in the hospital searching/waiting for answers and frightfully curious about my future. All of the medical staff and associate staff were excellent and met all my needs and questions as I pommeled them throughout the entire four day stint. I was genuinely impressed with the intensity of attention and care I received and the willingness to make sure every question was answered and every need met or resolved.

One of the day nurses, Rita, stood out among the throng of talented and caring staff and it was not difficult to say I felt she was unique in her candor and attention and willingness to spend just a few more minutes in the room. It's a challenge to take exception to the staff as they could all be nominated for this award but Rita's efforts were just a little more personable and appropriate for me as one who has spent no time in the hospital and visiting many many friends and family who'd spent time in the hospital.

Rita not only answered questions but had questions for me to make sure I wasn't overlooking something. She explained procedures, processes, policy, protocol, and sometimes cajoled me into reconsidering some of the issues that were only issues for me and not the staff. She would check on me more frequently than the others who were not negligent but doing their job well but not with the over-the-top efforts demonstrated by Rita.

I wrote of my experience in the patient survey but didn't expect a responses but then spotted this DAISY brochure and though it's been three months since I experienced Rita's capable care, I felt compelled to write a second time to let you know how much I appreciate all the care I've received but wish to note Rita's efforts were selfless, serving and a refreshing memory of a challenging time I had for the first time I was ever hospitalized.