Rhonda Brown

Rhonda Brown

Rhonda Brown, RN

St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center

Rhonda started her nursing career here at SJH in 1987, as a Student Assistant. She obtained her BSN degree from ASU in 1988, and took her first RN job on Tower 7, before finding her home in PACU in 1992.

Each day she comes to work with a song on her lips, a warm smile and a positive attitude; always ready and willing to lend a helping hand. She has been described by her peers as "very professional, kind, considerate, a patient advocate, an excellent resource and mentor." "She remains calm under any situation!"

I've had the privilege to review numerous "kudos" cards, written compliments from her patients, and "Desert Diamonds" from her peers and team members. She has also been nominated for "Employee of the Month" and the hospitals prestigious "Margaret Sherwood Nurse of the Year Award."

The underlying message from all of the acknowledgements to her nursing care and personal character is clear, that our PACU Daisy sets high standards for herself, provides exceptional nursing care to her patients, is a team member that inspires others to work hard and remain positive.