Reynaldo Escote

Reynaldo Escote, BSN, RN

Surgical ICU
DMC - Harper University/Hutzel Women's Hospital
Detroit, Michigan
United States

I would like to acknowledge Rey for going above & beyond in my care. Everyone up here was very nice but Rey stood out. He did his routine nursing duties but he had time to do the little extra things that mattered a lot and felt important to me at that time. He was always there at my bedside. Rey always anticipated my every need before I even knew I needed it. He straightened my pillow when he saw I was sliding down and uncomfortable.

He always had a smile and genuine concern on his face at all times. Whenever I pushed the light, he was there in a heart beat. Rey stayed and talked with me, made me feel comfortable and at ease. His every word was very comforting and touched my heart.

6ICU has a great team but Rey went out of his way to always get what I needed. It really makes a difference to us as patients to have an excellent, caring, sincere and compassionate nurse like Rey to take care of you.