Reyna Furaya

Reyna Furaya, RN, BSN

Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit
Nebraska Medicine - Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, Nebraska
United States

While K was in the ICU being treated for a subarachnoid hemorrhagic stroke, we were continually amazed by the care, compassion, skill, and knowledge that Reyna not only gave to him, but to all of his family.
Everyone that cared for K during his stay at UNMC was wonderful. And we can't say enough good things about the doctors, nurses, therapists, dieticians, and everyone involved in K's case during this very difficult and scary time.
Reyna made such an impressive connection with us and continually made K feel more at ease, especially when she would sit down and explain in depth the process of what was going on, what to expect, and why he was feeling this way. When the doctors would make rounds, Reyna would follow up making sure that we understood completely what was being said. She had the ability to answer questions even before we could ask them. She took the time to sit down and draw pictures and explain different types of strokes and give us reading materials to further educate us. She does all this teaching and care with such ease that it made us feel as though K was the only patient being cared for in the very busy ICU, which cannot be an easy task!
Reyna was able to manage K's pain with the combination of medications at precisely the right time. And she was quick to call the physician when other meds were needed.
Reyna knew that before K's MRI, he was nervous and claustrophobic, so she came up with the idea of using "drugs, plugs, and a washcloth". The drugs to help keep him relaxed. The ear plugs to decrease the noise. The washcloth for over his face so he wouldn't have to see where he was. It was K's "job" to come up with a rhyme for the washcloth to go with drugs and plugs, but we haven't figured that one out yet.
Reyna remembered family member's names, where they were from, and bits about their lives all while delivering excellent quality care. She learned how to "sing" "yes" and "no" from K's daughter.