Renee Geske

Renee Geske, RNC

Cancer Care Center
St. Francis Regional Medical Center (MN)
Shakopee, Minnesota
United States

Renee recieved a total of 12 nominations from co-workers, patients and physicians.

When asked to describe why Renee should win the DAISY Award one patient stated, "SHE JUST DOES AND THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT"

Another patient wrote:

"Renee has treated me for over five years; she is like a member of my family. Renee truly cares for, and respects her patients. When I had my 100th infusion she baked a cake and brought it for me to celebrate. She was very caring when I had a problem, I was so embarrassed, but it didn't faze her. She is one in a million."

Co-workers wrote:

"When I first started in the Cancer Center I lacked confidence in my skills and abilities to "fit in." There were days, I swear, Renee took me under her wings and gave me suggestions on how the carts should be stocked and other things that were obvious to others, but not to me. She helped me feel the camaraderie that team should feel. I'm not sure how many people she shares her stories with of survivorship, but she told me from a cancer patient's perspective."

"Renee is one of the RN's that go that extra mile for patients. She is always smiling and chatting with patients as she walks in. Patients always request her as their nurse, and joke that she is the only one who can "stick" them. She is a great asset to the Cancer Center and she deserves this award."

"Renee always has a friendly voice and smile on her face for all patients and staff. No matter the situation she is very kind and compassionate. She is very easy to work with.
She is always willing to help staff as well as patients without any complaints. She has a friendly demeanor and is very approachable."

A physician wrote:

"Renee is a stellar nurse, her medical knowledge and clinical judgement are excellent. What make Renne such a special nurse is what a special person she is. She knows what our patients are going through because she has been there. She can relate to patients in every way. She is incredibly kind and compassionate. She will do anything and everything possible to help our patients. She is an amazing person and nurse. We are very blessed to have her."