Renee Alvira

Renee Alvira, RN

Sisters of Charity Hospital
Buffalo, New York
United States
It is not uncommon to hear patients say they miss Renee's smile or her laughter when she is off.

Renee is a staff nurse on 3W. She was nominated by her colleagues for the award because of her integrity, professionalism, and commitment to and advocacy for patients. Additionally, she is viewed as an amazing team player who is nurturing and kind to all. According to her colleagues she exceeds expectations for patient care; “she always makes time to sit with the lonely and scared patients to answer their questions and make them feel more secure.” Renee is always “managing up” and compliments colleagues telling patients and families that all of the team on 3W are committed to delivering the highest quality of care for their loved one.

Her colleagues note her “infectious laughter and true love of life; a nurse who loves nursing.” Families and patients frequently comment on how wonderful Renee is and that the care they received from her was top notch; it is not uncommon to hear patients say they miss her smile or her laughter when she is off.

Renee’s commitment to the nursing profession and Catholic Health is impressive. This past winter the snow hit hard and some staff were unable to make it in to work. Renee offered to help out by coming in on her days off even to work on other units. Renee recently became a preceptor and loves being a clinical instructor on her unit’s DEU. Most recently she has taken on the role of charge nurse and has been a great leader. Renee is a member of Patient Care Executive Committee and is committed to evidence based practice. She recently authored a small grant application to improve post-op outcomes through use of rocking chairs.  Renee recently sat for and passed her certification in orthopedic nursing; she is committed to clinical excellence; she is a role model for her colleagues.