Renae Atkins

Renae Atkins, RN

Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center (IN)
Mishawaka, Indiana
United States

Nomination from patient’s parent:
Renae is a surgical nurse who is very compassionate for her patients, especially the pediatric patients. She has the ability to calm and assure a child who is undergoing surgery. She plays games with them and comforts them to the point of walking back to the OR with no fear or tears. I received a comment on our patient satisfaction survey commending Renae for the care of her daughter. It states "There was one nurse that was very, very helpful. Let my daughter even play her game on her phone, because
she started getting pretty upset when they drew blood and the nurse let her play with it all the way up until they took her in the surgery room, and back in seeing her afterwards. Just very, very helpful".

Nomination from co-workers:
On April 15 we had a 6 year old girl come through ER with acute appendicitis. Renae was extremely supportive of this child, even offering her own phone for the girl to watch cartoons! The child was so happy! During recovery the little girl was in pain and having trouble breathing due to asthma. Renae handled all problems promptly and efficiently. Her bedside skills, as well as her people skills are excellent! She can be my recovery nurse any day!