Regina Clifford

Regina Clifford

Regina Clifford, RN

Labor & Delivery
Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital
West Bloomfield, Michigan
United States

Gina always does an excellent job as charge nurse/clinical coordinator. Gina really cares about our patients and our staff. Gina has the perfect blend of having compassion for her staff as well as leading her staff in providing the best care for our patients. This in and of itself is worthy of a DAISY Award. Tonight Gina went above and beyond. She stepped up and cared for a patient in a very unfortunate circumstance. Gina provided the most professional care while also meeting the emotional needs of the patient and her family during their time of loss. Gina executed all of her nursing skills that needed to be used while crying with the patient and providing emotional support. All this being done while having an emotional day of her own. Gina chose to put her needs on the back burner to meet the needs of this hurting, grieving patient and family.


We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful care you provided to this family during the birth, bonding, then subsequent death of their sweet baby boy who had trisomy 13. As you know, they were given that diagnosis that is unfortunately incompatible with life with the option to terminate the pregnancy and chose life. They described how they reveled in every movement they felt, they viewed and every OB appt they attended; knowing that it all may be short-lived.

Annette and I consulted with them prenatally to discuss their plans for birth and although they were devastated at the diagnosis, they had certain wishes that were very important to them for their birth. You, Gina, dropped what you were doing and became the "world" to this family. You made sure everything they wanted during their birth was done and then some and you did it with kindness, compassion and empathy. I'm certain that family will remember you forever.

It's not easy to provide this type of care to a grieving family who deeply wanted to be the parents of a healthy boy and your sadness is still apparent to me today. However, on behalf of the team, I wanted to say how grateful we are for these gifts you share with families and to thank you for the care you provided this family that Annette and I had grown so close to. So proud to be a member of this team!