Reeta Selvarani Jesuraj

Reeta Salvarani Jesuraj

Reeta Selvarani Jesuraj, RN

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)
Prince Sultan Military Medical City
Saudi Arabia

During one of my busy on call duty outside PICU, Reeta was there to help me. One time, I called for IV insertion for a patient with difficult site, I tried my best but unfortunately I failed to insert the patient’s line for antibiotics. So, I asked the help of Reeta and she did it successfully. On the same night, I was called again for IV insertion and because the patient again has a difficult site, I failed to insert the line and asked again Reeta’s help and she did inserted the IV line.

Reeta helped me twice even if she’s assigned in PICU, she can simply refused to me but because she cares for the patient and her priority was the safety of the patient she extended her help. She actually helped the patients and not me.