Rebekah Garrett

Rebekah Garrett

Rebekah Garrett, RN

Progressive Care Unit
Midland Memorial Hospital
Midland, Texas
United States
Rebekah made a bad situation better and she is a delight to watch perform her duties.

Rebekah was nominated by a patient's daughter for providing compassionate and skilled care to the whole family. The nominator has been in a director of nursing role for over 20 years with an outside organization and having performed thousands of evaluations within the nursing profession throughout those years, she finds Rebekah to be extraordinary and felt blessed to have had her care for her "sweet momma."

The nominator said she observed Rebekah to be busy with many patients, yet never acted stressed, nor did she ever cut a single corner. She coordinated prompt, compassionate, and knowledgeable care. The nominator said it was a very busy time of day for Rebekah when the pharmacy sent her mom's PO med, but Rebekah still took the time to provide oral care before offering the pill. The patient's mouth was parched from the BiPAP machine, and as other staff came in the room to ask for Rebekah's help, the nominator said Rebekah had a way of continuing care to her mother while seamlessly responding to other's needs so that they never felt neglected.

The nominator observed Rebekah take time to train an aide on the computer as if she had all the time in the world; never acting stressed or irritated. She was beyond kind and thankful toward anyone who assisted her and was kind to offer small creature comforts to the nominator's family.

"Rebekah made a bad situation better and she is a delight to watch perform her duties. Please give her a basket of daisies!"

Rebekah's clinical manager says you can see Rebekah's compassion reflected in the care she provides to her patients and families. She goes above and beyond to provide them with what they need and is very meticulous and thorough in her patient care. Rebekah also strives to continually learn and improve her knowledge as a nurse and is currently working on her BSN. She is a great team player and assists her co-workers whenever needed.

Because of Rebekah's compassionate and caring efforts, her patients experience a level of care that exemplifies the impact nurses have in creating an environment where patients and families feel at home.