Rebekah Brunner

Rebekah Brunner

Rebekah Brunner, RN

CHI Franciscan Health - St. Elizabeth Hospital
Enumclaw, Washington
United States
Rebekah made me feel like a person and not just an object in a bed.

My Dad was admitted into St Elizabeth’s for a serious leg infection. He was there for about a week. I came to visit him every lunch hour and after work. We would chat about life and it was during one of those evenings that he shared his thoughts with me about Rebekah. He said:

“You know, I have had countless Doctors and nurses in to see me this week but today this nurse came in and she introduced herself and asked me if she could look at my leg.”

She asked my Dad if she had his permission to look at his leg. A simple but monumental moment for him.

“It made me feel like a person and not just an object in a bed that people poke and prod. She then examined my leg thoroughly. No rush, no hurry.”

My analogy was as if God himself was admiring His creation. Dad shared that he knew Rebekah was something special; different in her approach to patient care. Compassion is a dish best served with tenderness in a week of fear and pain. I cried on the way home that night, so grateful for Rebekah who made my Dad feel special and loved. She is exceptional, Dad knows it, I know it and I have asked God to bless her.