Rebecca McCall

Rebecca McCall

Rebecca McCall, RN

Supplemental Staff
Lancaster General Hospital
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
United States
Rebecca took the time to really talk with me.

I entered the hospital through the ER and over the course of a week I was in four different rooms and floors. I was feeling disengaged and alone. And then Rebecca walked in and introduced herself. I could tell immediately that she cared about me as a patient but even more importantly she displayed empathy for me as a person.

Rebecca took the time to really talk with me. We talked about my discharge the next day. I told her the first thing I was going to do was make a pot of real coffee — that I hadn't had a cup of good coffee in almost a week. About an hour later Rebecca walked in with a large cup of dark blend coffee from the cafe! I also mentioned I was a little concerned about going home alone because I had been bedridden the whole time I was hospitalized. She immediately asked if I wanted to take a walk. As we walked, we talked about my being a retired art professor and an artist. I told her I would share my online portfolio with her if she had the time. A few hours later she popped into my room and said she had a few minutes to look at my work — which we did.

Rebecca then shared with me her "artwork" — a picture of her three children, obviously the highlights of her life. Rebecca provided excellent care but even more importantly for me, she showed me compassion. She clearly demonstrated a strong commitment to patient care — serving with her heart. She provided an exceptional health care experience for me and truly is a role model for the nursing profession. I think of her often and thank Rebecca for making such a positive day during my hospital stay.