Rebecca Livingston

Rebecca Livingston

Rebecca Livingston, RN

Beaumont Hospital-Royal Oak
Royal Oak, Michigan
United States
Becky is an active team player who advocates as strongly for patients and their families as she does for nursing.

Becky’s clinical skills and especially her compassionate care exemplify the kind of nurse that our patients, their families, and our staff recognize as an outstanding role model.

We have the privilege of working with an exceptional nurse. Becky does not shy away from any challenge presented to her whether it is a patient, family member, or staff member. She does this with genuine respect and a level of maturity that patients, families and staff sense and respond positively to. Becky leads by example in everything she does, whether she is the Charge RN, a preceptor, or staff nurse.

Becky is an amazing Charge RN! She does not hesitate in any way to do whatever is needed at any given time. She is a strong resource for our staff. Becky offers the staff her assistance, checks on them and manages difficult patient/family situations when they arise. Becky is an active team player who advocates as strongly for patients and their families as she does for nursing. All units have their challenges, and 9 South is no exception. She sees a need, evaluates the situation and prioritizes patient care and safety. It is not unusual to find her sitting in a patient’s room to monitor their safety or providing direct patient care to a group of patients, all the while, continuing to be in charge. Recently, she facilitated the placement of 50 patients over the course of her shift on our unit, which is no small task, given the other aspects of her role. She listens to staff concerns and makes whatever improvements or adjustments she can to make the workflow as consistent as possible. While in charge, she demonstrates true professionalism, patience and brings a sense of calm into an extremely challenging environment.

Becky has been consistently recognized by patients and her peers who have taken the time to acknowledge her practice through SOS comments. One patient wrote that “Becky was an extraordinary nurse. She came into the room full of energy and did a tremendous job taking care of me. She was genuinely concerned about me. Her bubbly and sweet personality made me feel very comfortable.” Another patient said “Ms. Becky went over and above to make my stay here awesome. She went beyond her job field. She made me feel as if I was the only patient. You picked a winner with this young awesome nurse.”

Becky’s true motivation is to help which is so evident in her constant smile and upbeat attitude that is recognized by others and motivates them to do their best! Becky has also been recognized by clinical staff who work with her. One Nurse Tech stated in another SIS: “Becky is a wonderful nurse to work with. I was busy with one of my patients and my other patient called from the bathroom because she was done with her shower. Becky ran in there and was helping her and when I got there she said, “I’ve got this, I know you’re busy”. Yet another Nurse Tech wrote: “Becky is an amazing RN, always going above and beyond her duties. As a fellow co-worker, it’s a pleasure to work with her, she is always willing to help out even if she’s busy. She treats her patients and co-workers with respect. We need more nurses like her!” Becky has expanded her leadership skills by representing our unit on the Professional Nurse Practice Committee. She is generating enthusiasm and energy towards meeting the challenges of nursing at Beaumont and is working with others to achieve our goals and effect positive change. With this commitment and the upcoming completion of her master’s degree in administration – I have no doubt Becky will continue to nurture others in yet a greater capacity to embrace their role in nursing.