Rebecca Bennett

Rebecca Bennett, RN

Surgical Intensive Care Unit
St. John Hospital and Medical Center
Detroit, Michigan
United States

Rebecca is the best possible nurse to work alongside of. Not only does she give focused, thorough care she also constantly makes sure her coworkers have the support they need. I cannot tell you the amount of times I've walked into a patient's room at the start of my shift and heard "Oh, Rebecca's not here tonight? We loved her the past few nights." I have even had one man's wife tell me that she "felt so safe" when Rebecca was with her husband that she was able to get some sleep. It's hard to fill Rebecca's shoes when you follow her but knowing how well she cares for patients makes me strive to be better. I feel like Rebecca always has complex patients and spends a lot of her time coordinating care and collaborating with multiple disciplinarians.

Last week she had a patient that took a very unexpected turn for the worse, Rebecca did everything in her power to help support the patient through his decline, Rebecca was in his room for 12 hours straight. No breaks, no water, non-stop without a complaint and she still called out of the room to ask if anyone needed help and apologized all over the place for not being able to help us. I feel like Rebecca is the unsung hero of the SICU. Our unit is better because we have Rebecca, our patients are very lucky.