Raven Burdoin

Raven Burdoin, RN

Renown Regional Medical Center
Reno, Nevada
United States

I was flying home to Rapid City, SD when I got sick on the airplane. Was taken to the hospital. Was in room 802 for two Nights. I really appreciate your staff and how they handled my requests. It is nice to know that nurses care. Raven was outstanding.

I had to listen to her deal with other patients and I found her patience amazing. Particularly for the guy next door who keep wanting to get out of bed and go home and didn't know why he was at the hospital. Never once did I see her get upset or discouraged even though the patient must have used the call button every 5 minutes. When I mentioned to her that I needed broth to take my pills, I only had to ask once. Every other time she remembered and brought the broth. It is all the little things that matter when you are not feeling good and far from home with no one else to help.

I really want to thank your hospital for promoting an atmosphere of taking care of the patient. I only wish that all the hospitals that I have been in had that philosophy. Raven was outstanding representative of your hospital. If I had to have surgery I think I would like to have it at Renown, even though I live in Rapid City, SD.