Raul Garcia

Raul Garcia

Raul Garcia, RN

Hackensack University Medical Center
Hackensack, New Jersey
United States
Raul made us feel like we were the most important people here.

Our son, C, was admitted for an overnight observation due to a skin infection. Our nurse that evening was Raul Garcia, who from what he told us normally works in the NICU and rarely if at all works covering Pediatrics. A stroke of luck for us. Aside from C's infection, he was suffering from a pretty serious diaper rash. We were waiting for a prescription of Desitin to come through because we didn't bring any and had stopped using it thinking it was causing him pain.

When we explained the situation to Raul and he observed C, he advised us that not only should we continue to use Desitin, but that there was another ointment that could assist expedite recovery. Within minutes Raul came back with Desitin, the ointment, and a number of supplies for C that completely made us more at ease with the situation. He made several trips to get these supplies and I believe from another floor.

Raul was very engaging with us and complimentary to my wife, complimenting her on how much she was doing and how well she was doing with feedings. He asked many questions and after listening to us he advised that we could be feeding him more. He also said we could switch to formula temporarily to reduce his bowel movements to assist his diaper rash. Raul assisted us in bathing Cameron, applying the ointments, and feeding him. After a very stressful day, we were finally able to see our son in a peaceful state for a prolonged amount of time.

We know other more potentially serious events go on at the hospital, but Raul made us feel like we were the most important people here while still tending to other patients. His actions and demeanor immediately reduced our stress and his knowledge and information immediately led to an expedite recovery for our son. We were very grateful for his care and for the opportunity to acknowledge him in any way.