Rapid Response Nursing Team

Rapid Response Team

Rapid Response Nursing Team, RNs

Inpatient Float Pool
Hennepin County Medical Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States

In the photo from left to right: Back row:  Joy Ritchie (Chamberlain College of Nursing Rep), Kathy Wilde, CNO; Vera Daskalyuk, Lindsey Bednarchuk, Kari Egeberg, Tanaha Smith, Rattana Yooplao, Sharon Carlson-Director of Nursing, Anne Holtzclaw, Susan Winkler-Manager, Jessica Underdahl, Shirley Markon-Manager.  Front Row:  Pat Hadfield-Supervisor, Michelle Johnston, Wendy Ngocho, Lyudmila Daskalyuk, Sandi Prentice.


This team of 20 specially trained float nurses serves our patients faithfully 24/7. This extremely flexible group of nurses not only serves as a member of the Rapid Response Team, they also are a member of the Stroke Code Team, OB Stat team, attend codes, and they provide a multitude of nursing cares as a flying squad nurses on the inpatient units and occasionally to outpatients and visitors too. This dedicated team of nurses serves as clinical experts as they come to the aid of a decompensating patient or a nurse in need. Their astute assessment skills and ability to provide quick interventions allows many patients to recover from a medical event and remain in the same bed on their current floor. If patient conditions worsen they can initiate ICU cares on the spot and transfer the patient to the ICU. The RRT RN is frequently Vocera’d to come and assess a patient to help the RN determine what cares should be done and what the next steps should be for their patient, which is sometimes activating the whole team. As a nursing resource, they hold a wealth of nursing knowledge and valuable skills, they know HCMC policy and procedure, and how to get patient resources when you need them. With this wealth of nursing knowledge, they answer hundreds of questions to staff and patients alike. They love to teach nursing skills and cares to colleagues and do patients’ educating too.  They are great mentors for our new nurses as they learn the cares for a medically unstable patient or just a challenging patient assignment. They are at heart a patient advocate for safe and quality patient care. They are dedicated to making sure patients are receiving the nursing care that they require, assisting in any way they can. They advocate for patients and nurses to make sure the patients are assigned to the appropriate unit after a change in medical status and take matters up the chain of command to support best patient care. Since they also work as staff on the various units, they have a great working knowledge of the units as well as policies to help make sure the patient is transferred appropriately. They are nursing leaders in our patient care system. They assist with multidisciplinary communication within our very complicated system to help streamline patient care, patient flow, and best patient outcomes.  

The best part is that they are compassionate caregivers. They are excellent at quickly building connections with their patients, comforting them through the pain, calming them in stressful situations, and holding a hand when things get hard. They want to take care of every patient and to help every nurse, but as the one RRT RN on the shift, they sometimes just cannot get to it all. With the help of the ANS, they prioritize and attend to as many calls as they can get to in one shift. They love what they do and they are good at it. 

Many HCMC nurses all over have had RRT nurses come to their aid at one time or another and many have taken the time to send their appreciation in a note. I have included a few:


“RRT nurse is always accommodating and willing to help: fast, efficient, and a great life saver!”

“RRT nurse is always a great help, providing excellent customer service to patients while assisting coworkers, completed wound care, med administration, and going the extra mile to get something for a patient.”

“RRT ensures everything runs smoothly while providing and directing patient care.”

“RRT ensures that during crisis situations where seconds matter, the patient is receiving high quality care.”

“RRT nurse goes out of their way to make sure these events have the best possible chance of having a positive outcome.”

“RRT nurse came to see patient with decreasing oxygen sats. She was so great, very reassuring, and she helped eventually transfer the patient to the ICU.”


This dedicated team of nurses is deserving of the DAISY Award for patient care above and beyond the call of duty. They should be called out and recognized for their quiet and constant support of excellence in safe patient care in ever changing environments.

Rapid Response Team Honorees:

Liz Abraham, RN

Lindsey Bednarchuk, RN

Kathy Cayer, RN

Lyudmila Daskalyuk, RN

Vera Daskalyuk, RN

Kari Egeberg, RN

Liz Gretz, RN

Liz Holmquist, RN

Anne Holtzclaw, RN

Michelle Johnston, RN

Mary Kotek, RN

Wendy Ngocho, RN

Philiph Nyangai, RN

Sandi Prentice, RN

Angie Rangitsch, RN

Tanaha Smith, RN

Stephanie Smuk, RN

Jessica Underdahl, RN

Rattana Yooplao, RN