Randy Bell

Randy Bell

Randy Bell, RN, CCRN

Pedicatric ICU
Children's Medical Center Dallas, as a part of Children's Health
Dallas, Texas
United States
Randy is continually striving to be better and do better which makes him such a great nurse.

I've worked with Randy for 12 years and in that time have come to respect his knowledge, experience, and commitment to excellence. Randy is one of the small handful of nurses who you work with who others look up to who is a resource for everyone on the unit. Nurses, respiratory therapists, physicians, and varied members of the patient care team know that they can depend on Randy for the appropriate and right response to most questions and situations. If I have a nursing question and Randy is around he is always the one who I ask.

Randy preceptors frequently with new nursing hires and if you ask them who they learned the most from frequently Randy is there response. Its Randy's firm commitment to nursing excellence that provides the example of what an ICU nurse should be for all our new nurses.

I was involved in a code blue with Randy recently and upon coming to the room found him already in the act of compressions and calmly directing resources as they entered the room. Codes can be very chaotic with lots of voices and directions being given but in the middle of all that Randy is communicating with the physicians calmly and appropriately. His application of knowledge and skill to those situations makes all of our jobs easier. After the resolution of this code, Randy was the first person who came to me and asked what could we have done better? Could we have applied the defibrillator more quickly? What could have been different? Randy is continually striving to be better and do better which makes him such a great nurse. This example is just one of many that I've experienced with Randy and I'm proud to work with and nominate him for the DAISY Award.