Rachel Thatcher

Rachel Thatcher, BSN

DMC - Harper University/Hutzel Women's Hospital
Detroit, Michigan
United States

Rachel is kind, proactive and just pushy enough to keep the doctors on their toes. She made me feel like I had a friend here and like everything was really going to be okay. Rachel called the doctors all the time to get things right for me and she made me feel as though I was her priority.

She walks fast, speaks kindly, and always has an extra minute to spend with you, even when she's slammed. Thank ya Rachel!

You are one of the best!


Rachel is an amazing nurse. Not only is she compassionate and sweet to patients and staff alike, but she is one of the hardest working member of our team. She is completely dedicated to the well being of her patients and always advocates for their best possible care. It is awesome having Rachel represent 2 Brush.

You Rock Rachel!