Rachel McKinley

Rachel McKinley

Rachel McKinley, RN

General Medicine
Ascension St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital and Health Care Center
Indianapolis, Indiana
United States
Rachel took to the time to know me -- not only my medical history or my room number but ME as a person.

I have Crohn's disease that sent me to the hospital multiple in 2018. Four of those times I was admitted for septic shock or for sepsis. It was terrifying for not only me but also for my wife and three small girls. I was thankful to have Rachel almost every time that I was here.

What really struck me was that she remembered me on my readmissions. She greeted me like an old friend, but quickly cared for my pressing need and made sure I always had my antibiotics on time. She clustered her care so that I could get as much sleep as possible (which I know isn't much while you're inpatient); but wasn't afraid to wake me up to make sure tasks were completed to keep me safe and GET ME HOME, which was my main goal. Even though she works night shift and I know she had lots of other patients, she always made time for me. I never felt forgotten. She was advocating for me every step of the way. Even when it came to little things like drawing my blood -- she never missed, saving me pokes. When I reminded her that I had needed a PICC in the past, she didn't ignore me. Instead, she took the initiative to talk to my ID docs and get the order, expediting the process so I could go home sooner. On the nights she was in charge and I wasn't her patient, she would still pop her head in to check on me and ask if I needed anything. That simple gesture showed that she really cared about my well-being.

My wife is also an RN, and Rachel was always happy to "nurse speak" with her and calm her fears. My wife said, "I trust Rachel" and was comfortable going home the nights she cared for me, which I'm given to understand is a high compliment from nurse to nurse.

I know that maybe my story isn't one of code blues or perhaps more traditional heroics, but PLEASE consider honoring Rachel because she is an outstanding nurse even when things are not 'exciting' and that is what made her so amazing to me -- excellence is just her norm!!! I want her to know that her day to day makes a huge impact on patients and families. While I don't want to come back to stay again, I know that if I do, I will be safe. Rachel took to the time to know me -- not only my medical history or my room number but ME as a person. She took great care of me and helped prioritize what was important to me -- time after time (she would even ask about my kids!).

Nurses like Rachel are what make this place outstanding. Please give Rachel my sincere thanks for all her compassion and care. It may just be another day at work for her, but her efforts are certainly not mundane, nor do they go unnoticed.