Rachel Drexler

Rachel Drexler

Rachel Drexler, BSN

Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital

...During my 2 year old daughter's battle with cancer, she was admitted into the hospital multiple times, the very last place on earth a little child wants to be. Rachel, knowing this, always entered my daughter's room with the most cheerful smile and a pocket full of stickers. After the dreadful shots Rachel had to give my daughter, she only needed to bat her brown eyes at Rachel and soon she'd be back with a purple popsicle as a reward.

I greatly appreciated the time and compassion Rachel showed toward my daughter. There were times she was uncooperative due to the pain she was experiencing. During those times, Rachel continued to show an abundance of grace and understanding, and even offered a shoulder for Mom to cry on. Rachel's nursing skills proved vital as she hung each bag of chemo over my daughter's bed. My daughter's life was in her hands each time she punched in the numbers on all of the pumps or measured and administered her oral meds. Rachel patiently talked me through the names and side effects of each one, every time.

To God be the Glory my daughter is now 7 years old and continues to show no signs of cancer. Rachel has made a lasting impression on my daughter so much so that she wants to be a nurse just like Rachel when she grows up, taking care of children with cancer.

The world is a better place because of Rachel!