Rachel Croitoru

Rachel Croitoru

Rachel Croitoru, RN, BSN

Emergency Department
UPMC Mercy
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States
Rachel even took the time and brought lunch for my wife.

My wife and I were on a bus trip in the Pittsburgh area and during the night, I developed severe abdominal pain. The hotel recommended we come to Mercy Hospital ER. The nurse assigned to my room was Rachel. She was very kind, compassionate, and efficient in caring for my needs. She even took the time and brought lunch for my wife. We were very upset when we learned that I would have to be admitted and have surgery to remove my gall bladder, but we were very grateful to have Rachel at my bedside.

Our bus group left and moved on to finish the trip without us, so my wife needed a place to stay until I was released from the hospital. Rachel and other staff members assured us that there were rooms to rent in the hospital. At first, there were none available. But one became available shortly, so she was able to stay there while I was a patient. I had a successful surgery and was discharged 2 days later.

If I had to be in the hospital and have surgery at that time, God certainly led me to Rachel. Everyone we encountered told us we came to the right place. My recovery is going well, and we feel blessed that I had such good care at Mercy Hospital! I will never forget the care she provided to not only me but also my wife.