Racheal Gabler

Racheal Gabler, RN

Research Medical Center
Kansas City, Missouri
United States
Racheal gave dad a voice and she gave us the peace of mind we needed in order to leave his side.

She was wonderful! I think she only cared for dad for 2 shifts but she definitely won us over. Being diagnosed with Guillain-Barre, dad was essentially left paralyzed, while maintaining alertness and orientation. Dad hasn't been able to use his call light so I or one of my siblings have been with him nearly around the clock since his admission. After 5 days of this revolving schedule, my siblings and I came at a crossroad where we were forced to pick between being with dad or tending to family or work obligations. What could we do? There's got to be a solution. He was terrified and leaned so heavily on us. He had great anxiety about the thought of one us not being there and so did we. As his condition is self-limiting and his recovery is expected, we've seen marginal improvements in the strength in his extremities I was working with him on the last day when of us could stay with him without there being a gap. I wanted so badly for him to be strong enough to press his call light. He wasn't. Racheal happened to walk in and mentioned that they had a different kind of call light we could try. She searched for it and quickly returned with what looked like a bulb attached to a long cord. Dad was still not strong enough to squeeze the bulb with his hands. He does have more strength in his feet, however, and thankfully the cord was long enough to reach the end of the bed right by his foot. Success! He smiled! She did more for dad in that moment then she will ever know. She gave dad a voice and she gave us the peace of mind we needed in order to leave his side. She deserves a much bigger thank you than what I gave her that day. You have a wonderful staff and provider group and I hope you share my family's gratitude with those who so greatly deserve it. Thank you!