Rachael Childress

Rachael Childress, RN

Terre Haute Regional Hospital
Terre Haute, Indiana
United States

Rachael took actions to care for a patient that were above and beyond her job as a RN. Rachael was caring for a patient in the ER that was seeking treatment for mental health issues. During this patient's time in the department, she got nervous and decided to leave the hospital. Soon after she left, Rachael realized the patient was gone. Rachael became very concerned about this patient's safety and well-being. She then proceeded to spend hours trying to locate her, even though she was not a patient anymore. The patient was not from our area, so Rachael contacted the police department in the town the patient was from. Rachael learned that the patient was homeless and was spending some time in a shelter there. She called everyone she knew to call to find in help locating this patient.

Eventually, this patient called the ER back. Rachael expressed her concerns to the patient in a very caring and compassionate way. Over the course of the evening, this patient called the ER a couple of times asking for Rachael by name. Rachael was able to convince the patient to come back to the ER to get the help she needed and deserved. The patient even called Rachael once she was back in the parking lot. Rachael took the time to find her outside and assist her back into the hospital. This patient was going through a hard time in her life and just needed someone to show her that she was a human being and deserved treatment.

Rachael demonstrates Regional Hospital's mission statement every day she works. She does indeed deliver quality, compassionate care to her patients. That day, she could have filed the patient's chart and gone about her shift, but she chose not to. She chose to spend hours talking to her and convincing her to come back and get help. Once the patient returned, Rachael talked to the physician and they were able to get her admitted. Rachael deserves this DAISY award for the actions she took that day.