Rachael Bartolazzi

Rachael Bartolazzi, RN

Aurora BayCare Medical Center
Green Bay, Wisconsin
United States

This nomination is not based on any one patient's experience in Rachel's care, rather it's based on the sum total of overwhelming positive comments I regularly receive about her care that I feel warrants consideration for this award. Rachel is extremely personable and compassionate in caring for our critically ill patients and their families. Her patient's and their families often comment on how "down to earth and genuine" she is. Similarly, the physicians and nurses she works with will often make positive comments about her work ethic, communication, and enthusiasm to deliver the highest quality care possible. And while I receive many positive comments regarding our nursing care in the ICU, there is something different about the intensity and conviction patient's have when talking about Rachel. Maybe it's her smile that never seems to fade, even after a difficult 12 hour shift. Maybe it's how she always seems to have time to do "one more thing" before she leaves a patient's room. Or, maybe it's the way she always seems ready to help her peers or jump in and support the team in a critical situation. Whatever it is, I'm sure of one thing about Rachel, upon meeting her, you will come away from the experience knowing you just met someone very special!

Rod Bebee, ICU Director
ABMC, Green Bay, WI