Progressive Care Unit

Progressive Care Unit, RNs and more

Progressive Care
Nebraska Methodist Hospital and Methodist Women's Hospital
Omaha, Nebraska
United States

How do you choose among excellence? The entire staff here is exemplary. They all truly work together as a team. Even if you are not their patient, they stop and ask how you're doing and if they can get you anything, right down to food service and housekeeping. I had the pleasure of being on a floor with an absolutely grand team. I never wanted for anything. They were all proactive and strictly concerned for my comfort. I am absolutely blown away by their friendly professionalism. They merge the seriousness of medicine in such a friendly, positive way! That is something that, as a patient, NEVER experienced elsewhere. I honestly was worried when I could not go to Lakeside, thinking Methodist was old and set in their ways, but so pleasantly pleased by the entire experience! The staff I had the pleasure to interact with were genuinely concerned and attuned to MY needs, not their own. It's impossible to choose any one person as the entire team works as a very consistent team. Each and every person were genuinely concerned and cared about me. Believe me, should I be hospitalized again, I will be excited to come here!

I want to thank the entire team in the Progressive Care Unit for attending to my emotional as well as medical needs. Thank You All!

Members of the Progressive Care Unit (in the photo):
Back row: Heidi Renshaw, Alice Mora, Sheri Cunningham, Deb Lindsay, Kathryn Anderson, Nick Burke, Mary Meister, Deb Fickel, Arielle Clark.
Middle row: Ashley Truckenbrod, Lori Kean, Stephanie Elmore, Angela Trofholz, Kathryn Bean, Kari Roehr.
Front row: Stephanie Elsasser, Scott Nielsen, Amy Brasel, Jan Morgan, Analisa Jenkins, Ellen Illg, Haleigh Zyzda, Rachel Coufal, Ashley Von Seggern.
Other members of the team not in the photo above: Susie Vandermuss, Cheryl Marne, Marnie Charter.