PICU CHET Team, RNs and more

Pediatric Critical Care
Rady Children's Hospital of San Diego
San Diego, California
United States

As an RT on the Pediatric CHET Team for the past 10 years, I have had the distinct pleasure of working alongside these exemplary nurses in the most stressful and difficult work environments. Their expertise in their field, their innate ability to handle rapidly changing situations with ease and their desire and drive to offer exceptional care to our patients is inspiring. The compassion and positive energy they exude towards our patients and parents, whether its during an IV start, in the midst of a helicopter transport, or at the bedside during a trauma is unfaltering. Without fail they bring anxiety levels down and will often times even get a smile or a laugh.

In addition to the kindness they bestow upon everyone they come in contact with, they are equally committed to making a difference within the organization and to the CHET Team as a whole. A few examples of this, three of our nurses (Mike, Rick, and Jessica) are all representing RCHSD as speakers at this years National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition. Cindy attended the Neonatal & Pediatric Transport Conference this year in Utah. She brought back ideas for ways we can improve upon current practice to better serve our patient population. She has completed the steps to initiate a trial for two of the treatment modalities and is currently working on Policy & Procedures for both. Elizabeth serves the dual role of cheerleader as well as the Pediatric CHET Team Manager. She consistently encourages opportunities that contribute to the growth of our program. Last year she worked tirelessly in collaboration with both our rotor wing and ground ambulance vendors to create San Diego's first "Southern California Emergency Care Conference." It was such an overwhelming success that we will be having another Emergency Care Conference this year. She has supported and encouraged our team to get involved in more community outreach events including "Touch A Truck", "Shamu and You","Summer Medical Academy", as well as bringing the ambulance to local preschools and elementary schools for their "first aid" days. Lastly, Tamara saw a need for self care among employees and subsequently spearheaded the "CPR for the Soul" campaign. These sessions offer a safe and nurturing environment for caregivers in need of debriefing and destressing over critical events.

These are just a few small examples of how every nurse on the CHET Team is committed to the outstanding care delivered at Rady Children's Hospital San Diego every single day.