PICC IV Team at Hennepin Healthcare

The PICC IV Team

PICC IV Team at Hennepin Healthcare

Hennepin Healthcare
Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States
Raquel Nelson, RN, BA; Hally Mohamed RN, BSN; Christine Johnson, RN, BN, VACN; Leslie Stoner, RN, BN, VACN; Maria Criselda Tropezado, RN, BSN, VACN; Joe Mulubisha, RN, BSN; Joshua Ogundepo, RN; Chitra Nowrang, RN; Andrew Zelinskas, RN; Naimo Farah, RN, BSN

The PICC IV team although small is a major workhorse of this hospital. Their skills and expertise in vascular cannulation especially with the use of ultrasound are unparalleled in our organization. These nurses run at the call of any area to help start an IV regardless if it an ICU, L&D, clinic or patient in for a procedure. They are known for their kind patient care and teaching with patients and their families to help understand the importance of their line and care of the line. They typically put in somewhere between 13-25 difficult IVs in a shift and most days 1-4 PICC line placements.

The PICC/IV team adds such value to our organization. Some of the feedback we get is: "No one could draw labs or start an IV for this critical patient - Joe came right away to do both - what a lifesaver and great team player!" and "Leslie and Criselda are the dream team. They provide exceptional care for our unique patient population on pediatrics, and I always feel they prioritize our IV consults. They are able to place an IV with ease while incorporating our pain-free poke policies. They are incredibly talented, decreasing anxiety for our patients. The care they provide is absolutely priceless and I cannot thank them enough!" Another person said, “Andy is a miracle worker and a healer! He alleviates so much pain. Let him teach others, what a blessing!"

Not only are they a patient-focused group but also involved in our financial goals of being on budget with OT and creating revenue; helping to decrease CLABSIs and PLABSIs, and most of all, being a great team to work with, excellent communication and having fun together while getting the work done.